Happy New Years from San Diego! EL Ink, EL Wire and EL paper

Been working on a bunch of my audio reactive lighting projects lately. I really want to go with the HUGE EQ, but that thing took so much time to make, I couldn’t even imagine how to mass product that thing.

A couple things that I have researched and would love to get some materials to test. Electrolumenescent Ink! Oh yeah! This stuff RULES! I guess Dupont is a supplier in the states, but it is REALLY expensive.

I made a cool EL Panel VU meter and framed it, it turned out pretty good, but the el paper is so dang expensive, I have to get it much cheaper or make it myself. Paper would be the key, but then I would have to adapt what I have to work on A/C instead of D/C.

So I found a place on ALIBABA that will sell all the materials needed to make your own EL paper, so I thought that would be really cool to sell a kit of some sort so people can make their own el stickers and such like my CRACKY nametag that was on my EL wire costume that I wore at YOUtopia.

I was just about to drop a couple grand to just give it a try and get all the raw materials but there was a big problem. The materials are hazardous, I don’t know if they would make it easily through customs and I don’t know how I would mail that stuff out if someone decided to purchase it.

So I went back to the drawing board and decided to stick to something I was familiar with, the EL Wire costume. I figure I can get a custom el wire inverter made so you don’t have to hack a low power device from a el paper shirt, maybe have some programs or sequences on it or something. I am going to start researching that more and I have placed an order for a bunch of samples from China that I can get modified to fit my needs.