Ready for YOUtopia San Diego!!! Get ready for the light show!

I think I am ready for the YOUtopia event!  It has been a lot of work, but I think I have 4 color organs – 3 different frequencies lighting up 3 oriental lanterns, 2 VU meters – 1 will be lighting up the tube shaped paper ikea floor lamp (I cut off the base and will be hanging it), and the other VU meter will be 5 oriental lanters vertically hung from a tree or something.   Of course the HUGE graphic EQ will be going and I really like the way that it has turned out. I almost forgot, I will be bringing the first thing I ever made. The panel color organ. This thing is so trippy. I love it!!!

I had to get something working for the event, but found a good board that I will be hacking that will automatically adjust the levels or compress them so the display just looks better (no bottoming or topping out of the display).

I made a cool EL wire VU meter flight suit with a cool EL paper name tag. I will be posting a bunch of stuff when I get back from the event, but in the meantime, here are some little videos.

El Paper Name Tag:


Huge Graphic EQ – Spectrum Display

Color Organ Lanters:
Color Organ Oriental Lanters