YOUtopia 2013 was AWESOME!

Had a really great time and got to party with a few thousand amazing people. Great times, great camp, great music. It was just great.

All of my electronics worked perfectly, although I guess I thought I was impervious to poison oak or something, so I put on a jumpsuit and headed off into the canyonside with plenty of dead looking poison oak. Yes, I know poison oak doesn’t care if it is dead or alive to infect you, and I also know impervious is not exactly the word I am going for, but you get the idea.

Needless to say, I was covered from head to toe with poison oak and my core body temp didn’t recover for a week after being exposed to the near freezing elements in the middle of the night/morning.

I am looking forward to next year already. I got a good idea to look for burning man art projects that I would like to reach out and borrow for the event. Mainly tons of EL wire or something. I am going to keep my eyes open as burning man 2014 approaches. I figure if I keep my eye on kickstarter, I can hook up with some cool cats that will be willing to share their stuff after they are done with it.

I promise to return it in perfect condition!!!

Here are some some photos of my huge graphic EQ / spectrum analyzer / color organ from YOUtopia 2014, unfortunately I did not bring a camera, my cell phone died the day I got there and I honestly did not feel like taking pictures. Thanks to all that did! I will link to some of their videos as well in my next post.

By the way, what would you call it? Graphic EQ, Spectrum Analyzer, Color organ or something else?