EL Wire volume meter – sound activated – hacked inverter

I just realized it. I have not included specific information about the hacked EL panel inverter that I have adapted to make my super cool el costume. It is actually a VU or volume meter that is typically used on EL Panel shirts.

You know, those ones with the cheesy displays on them. Some are cool actually, but most are not. They kinda look like an eq, but the inverter just measures the sound level and lights up different parts of the panel depending on the volume.

The cool thing is that they are really easy to hack and you can use them to light up el tape, el paper or el wire! You can’t light up a huge amount of it because they don’t have enough power, but that is what I am working on right now. I have been working with a manufacturer in China to get me a prototype, which will hopefully be completed soon.

For now I will provide some pictures of the inverter that I use and where you can find them. Later I will shoot a video on how to hack it. It is really easy.

EL Wire Sound Inverter

I will also shoot a video on how to hook up, splice and fix el wire. I was scared to do this when I started playing with EL wire, but it is really easy. So a video will be coming shortly about that as well.