A while back I found this cool EL panel hack when I was looking for a graphic eq


You have probably seen them before.  The cheesy looking EQ that is on a front of a shirt that looks like it is working like a EQ display, but it is actually a volume meter that lights up different parts of the panel.

Graphic EQ Shirt

I love LED vu meters and was looking for something that would drive EL paper or EL wire, so this was a great find.

The first time I came across this hack, I don’t think it was on the instructables website, but I could not find the original post.  I could be wrong and it really doesn’t matter anyways… lol

The really cool thing about this tutorial is that it also tells you how you can add an audio in jack so you don’t have to be dependent on the cheap mic input.  This should make it respond better to the audio.

Since I buy almost everything on amazon these days, I found a link to one of these boxes there.  It will be much faster than buying from the link that was provided in the article.

Read the tutorial here: http://ch00ftech.com/2012/05/22/the-follies-of-driving-a-capacitive-load-with-an-h-bridge/

HDE Sound-Activated Rave LED Panel w/ Sensor Module – lower power and smaller – no dc input

LED Sound Activated E-Q Raver T-Shirt (Extra Large) [Electronics] – stronger with DC input